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PM dzen #7

27 November 2015, Friday
Lin Chi, what will you do if your plans are ruined? - Teacher Liang suddenly asked

PM dzen #5

25 November 2015, Wednesday
A discouraged Lin-Chi came to Master Liang: - Master, I asked my assistant to go to the shop to get silk. He brought me the most expensive and beautiful piece, but such silk is not suitable for calligraphy. What can I do?

PM dzen #4

24 November 2015, Tuesday
Master, a frustrated Lin-Chi complained, the client has forgotten about our agreement, and there is no way I can prove it. What should I do?

PM dzen #3

23 November 2015, Monday
After the defense of the project, a sad Lin-Chi complained to teacher Lian

PM dzen #2

22 November 2015, Sunday
At the end of a long and hard day, a tired Lin-Chi asked Teacher Liang for advice

PM dzen #1

21 November 2015, Saturday
Lin-chi asked teacher Lian: - Teacher, does a good manager have to have an imagination? Lian rubbed his forehead, scratched his beard, and leisurely answered